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    Property Profiles Include:
  • Three Copies of a legal and taxes
  • The tax map
  • A building card
  • Subject property street transfers
  • Two complete sets of comparables
  • Quick scan comps. and color comps.
  • Census tract demographic information
  • School district information
  • Nearby schools, businesses, and owners
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    Legal and Taxes

    Tax Map

    Building Card

    Nearby Businesses

    QuickScan Comps


    MLS Input Sheet
    Deed Photo (Most Current Deed)

    Subject Property Street Transfers

    Census Tract Demographic Profile

    Nearby Schools

    Nearby Owners

    School District Information

    Profile Cover
      The Standard Gold Profile Comparable Parameters Are:
  • Radius search of 1/2 mile from subject property
  • Same land use code as subject property
  • Same city as the subject property
  • Transfer Date within the past year
  • +/- 20% of the subject properties square footage
  • Excludes all transfers that were exempt from conveyance fees
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