Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Title Insurance? 

A: Title insurance is protection against loss arising from problems connected to the title to your property. Before you purchased your home, it may have gone through several ownership changes, and the land on which it stands went through many more.

Q: How much does Title Insurance cost? 

A: The cost of title insurance is determined by the state insurance regulations, and it is promulgated rate paid as a one-time fee at closing, with coverage that last as long as there is a balance on the mortgage loan (if it’s a loan policy), or the owner or his or her heirs have an interest in the property (if there’s an Owners Policy).

Q: Do I really need Title Insurance?

A: Yes. Each day in America, someone somewhere is buying or selling a home. Behind the scenes of each transaction is the title insurance industry. Our detailed-minded professionals conduct in-depth searches to uncover and remedy any problems with the title of ownership.

Q: What types of title problems occur?

A: There are many issues that can arise, but most common is a slow, incorrect or nonexistent filing by the previous mortgage holder. If this happens, we have to determine if the prior mortgage truly was paid off, or if it wasn’t satisfied, how to pay it. Either way, the issue needs to be resolved before the house can be sold.